Sponsors and other Project Helpers

Friday, July 30, 2004
CC's Journal 20

A buttonbush blooms at the White Lake Preservation Area in Vermilion Parish.
A freshwater marsh habitat.

After spending more than 150 days on the Wetland Wanderer since Christmas, it is now appropriate to reflect upon and express appreciation to the governmental agencies, private enterprises, and hundreds of individual people who have helped us in our quest to bring awareness of the alarming rate of land loss of south Louisiana's wonderful wetlands to the citizens of our nation and their governmental representatives. The helpful individuals include numerous trappers, fishermen, pilots, marina owners, mayors, teachers, old friends, new friends, and many others who have generously donated their time, advice, directions, and logistical support to our mission. Without their invaluable assistance and support this adventure into the wetlands would not have been so highly productive.

The Wetland Wanderer (a Jamestowner "J.T. Crewzer" houseboat) was launched with the help of two of our major sponsors: Louisiana State University along with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Furthermore, Bollinger Shipyards, the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin Program, along with the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program and the National Sea Grant Office, gave not only logistical but also financial support to help us effectively carry out our important mission. Other sponsors that rendered financial support are: A & Z Marine, Inc., Bank One, Canal Barge Company, Inc., Denbury Resources, and the Louisiana Association of Waterways and Shipyards.

Additionally, we have been loaned two pieces of equipment that have been critical to our project: a D1X digital camera from Nikon USA and a wireless internet connection from Gulf Coast Wireless. We are also grateful for the following very important goods and services provided by the named, generous agencies: logo designs from X Force, website designing by Redstick Internet Services, rain gear from Patagonia, public relations ideas from Renaissance Group, life jackets from Taylor Tec, flags and banners from iopn design group, a digital editing program from Digital Pro, cartographic charts from the New Orleans Map Company, an outboard motor from Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc., and last, but not least, the continuous display of Rhea Gary's and my journals on the Morning Advocate's website.

To learn more about our sponsors and see links to their webpages and also see a long, growing list of people who have helped, go to http://www.marshmission.com/sponsors.cfm.
Thank you all for your interest in and concern about Louisiana's wetlands, an asset that's so important to all the people of the United States. Please continue to keep track of Rhea, Sue, and C.C., as we continue to explore the Louisiana coast.