Volume 1 Activities

� Study a map of the Mississippi River

� Build a model of the Mississippi River drainage system

As a class or in small groups, build a model of the Mississippi River drainage system using salt dough or modeling clay and paints. Have them refer to an actual map as much as possible for accuracy.

Extension: When making the model, make sure the rivers are slightly indented. While the salt dough or modeling clay is drying, cover the model with a light layer of potting soil. (You could also add �pollutants� such as styrofoam particles.) After the model has completely dried, use a watering can to reproduce rainfall upon the model and have the class observe the process of runoff. Have the class notice where much of the soil and pollutants end up--in the coastal parishes of Louisiana.

Volume 2 Activities

Research locks and dams on big river systems. Do you think they help or harm our environment? Are they necessary to move goods and products?

Volume 3 Activities

Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy some "Swamp Juice" with friends or family Put two scoops of lime sherbert in a tall glass then fill the glass with 7-Up. Stir and enjoy!

� Oyster Shell Santa Ornament  (See Example)
1. Get a clean oyster shell.
2. Paint the pointed quarter bright red for the hat.
3. Paint the bottom three quarters white and allow to dry.
4. Paint a peach or flesh colored oval for the face.
5. Using a toothpick or small paint brush, paint facial features on your santa shell.
6. Finish by painting a white moustache and 2nd coat of white beard on your shell. Place a white rim with black borders on your "hat". Hot glue a cotton ball and ribbon for hanging on top.

Volume 4 Activities

Sorry, no activities this week!

Volume 5 Activities

� Go to www.saveourlake.org and click on Education.  Explore the kids links and lessons on the lake.

Volume 6 Activities

Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

Volume 7 Activities

� 10,000 CFS of water is about 74,800 gallons per second.  Can you figure out the maximum flow into Davis Pond?

Teachers&Parents:  We suggest that you go to the website of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation website at www.saveourlake.org.  They have great information and activities.  You can order "Lessons on the Lake" a teacher's guide that is great!

Volume 8 Activities

Sorry, no activities this week!

Volume 9 Activities

� We have discussed many types of birds and how their beaks determine what and how they eat. Teachers or parents go to http://www.saveourlake.org/education.htm and copy �THE BIRD BEAK BUFFET� activity. It is a wonderful way to see the differences in birds and what they eat!

Volume 10 Activities

�Do some research about hurricanes that have damaged Louisiana�s coastal communities. Check out Hurricane Andrew (August 16-28, 1992) and Hurricane Juan (October 26-November 1st, 1985.) Both storms impacted Louisiana. Use the internet or library reference materials.


National Hurricane Center


Weather Underground


Volume 11 Activities

�The salt marsh offers such a bounty of delicious things to eat. Bring your favorite shrimp, oyster, or fish recipe to school. ( CC and I made oyster omelets for breakfast!) Type up your recipes in computer class and hole punch the sides and secure the pages together with a ribbon. Do not forget to make a cute cover for your CLASS COASTAL FAVORITES!

Volume 12 Activities

Sorry, no activities this week!

Volume 13 Activities

�Create your family tree. Speak with you parents and grandparents. Try to trace your roots back at least four or perhaps five GENERATIONS. louis vuitton outlet Put yourself in the trees trunk then add branches on opposite sides of the trunk. The first branches being mom on one side and dad on the other. Next, put your mom�s parents on replica rolex the branch above her and so on. This activity is really neat if you use photographs to create you family tree.