Mrs. Sue Lockwood
Your Marsh Mission Teacher

Hi, students!
I am Mrs. Sue and that is a pretend alligator! I am CC's wife and I have been a classroom teacher for eighteen years. We hope students across our great state will follow Marsh Mission.
I know that young people like you are the key to saving our beautiful wetlands! Therefore, I am going to live on a houseboat with CC so that I can report to you the many natural wonders I see and learn about on our adventures along the Louisiana coast. This is your adventure, too, and your teachers and I will guide you! It is going to be great!
C.C. Lockwood
Nature Photographer

Hello, Coastal Correspondents!
My name is CC Lockwood and I am a nature photographer. My favorite places to photograph are the swamps, bayous, and marshes of Louisiana. For the rest of the school year, I'll be in these wetlands. I have written nine books and you can see them on We will learn so much on our Marsh Mission, and you can help us save our vanishing coast.
Rhea Gary

Hello, new friends!
My name is Rhea Gary and I'm a painter. I have been all over the world studying and teaching painting. One of my very favorite subjects to paint is the marshlands of South Louisiana. You can view some of my paintings at I am so concerned about the problems our coast is facing. I look forward to studying and painting our beautiful coast. Let's learn together about saving our wetlands!
Annie the Marsh Mission M.U.T.T.
(Mixed breed; Unique reporter; Tried and True friend)

I am Annie the Marsh Mission M.U.T.T. Each week I will report on a critter that we observe in the swamps and marshes of Louisiana's coast. Did you know that raccoons are wonderful swimmers? CC told me that yesterday! Get ready for our adventure. It is going to be a blast!

Aarf! Aarf!
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